4 x 160 ton Reels – loading with no weight spreading

4 x 160 ton Reels:

Client request.

• The client’s aim was to load 4x160t reels on the hatches of a vessel.

Our client was requested to do so by their client, as their client wanted a “Last-in-First-Out” option. Our client’s problem was a cost issue, as placing the cargo on the hatches would require steel HEB’s, stevedores, welding and extra time in the loading and discharge port. Also, the vessel had a very low “tons per meter squared” hatch-cover strength combined with a very small footprint, even for a reel. Thus, this challenge was set for this cargo, and for MBM.

As suggested above, this cargo could easily be placed on the hatches using HEB’s as weight-spreading. But, to reduce time in loading, cost for labour, vessel time, welding, grinding, and material, the aim was to locate the cargo in a manner that would result in a position where the maximum strength from the hatches would be obtained using the available main transversals and potential transferral of load through the longitudinal (where necessary) to minor transversals without hindering any safety factors.

Within hours, three potential locations where presented. During the investigation it soon became apparent that locating the 4th reel would not be an easy task, as the forth location would always add additional forces to the existing near capacity loaded transverse members and result in a failure.

The analysis required in-depth analysis to follow the flow of forces into minor and major structural members and through top plates to determine the force flows. This resulted in gaining a satisfactory result that maintained a safety margin for the material strength and for cargo error placement.

All 4 reels were able to be stowed without indicating any risk of failure to any main Transversal or Longitudinal.

This offered our client to present to their client with a workable solution. This opportunity presented a “Last-In-First-Out” scenario with very little work, at very little cost.

• The 4 footprints of the reels are shown on the vessel GA CAD image.



 This project outlines MBM’s ethics –

WIN –>  WIN  –> WIN

When our client’s client WINs – this means our client WINs – which means overall we all WIN.



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