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ISO 9001 2015 DNVGL certified

  MBM Consultancy achieved ISO 9001 2015 in Nov 2017 for Naval architecture and Heavy Cargo Transport Engineering. MBM will continue to develop the process installed, train and develop people, improve and present itself through the industry to achieve success on all projects to the high standard that it has presented to achieve this certification.

Vessels Conversions at MBM Consultancy.

Vessels Conversions at MBM Consultancy.   Image: bulkhead to bulkhead section, for full FEA structural strength analysis, some plates are removed for presentation purposes only.   The “Sand Carrier – Open Barge” conversion project. The client’s aims and aspirations – To convert the vessel from one service sector to another, by an innovative design of […]

Is it practical to undertake Bulbous Bow Modification at five year period Dry-Docking?

This is potentially only relevant to the forward thinking ship-owners and they have to consider this notion prior to the dry-docking period; so that you can optimize the design, manufacturing and shipping of the new bulbous bow design and utilize the Dry-Docking. Then with the consultant/designer the ship-owner can pre-plan ahead. The benefit of pre-planning […]

Raising Tweendecks

According to the cargo particulars especially its height, it can be encountered the requirement of raising tween decks to allow the transportation of cargo. In this kind of cases, a new structures need to be provided with overall functionality with operationally practicality and work-ability and can be analysed and determined to be a safe working […]

Mark Bambury held a presentation about „Heavylift Transportation in Offshore Wind“ @ Mariko Center

On Tuesday, 25.11.2014, Mr Mark Bambury held a great Presentation at the Mariko Center in Leer. The topic for the Presentation was: “ How innovation in the shipbuilding sector can be adapted to the needs and operational requirements of the offshore-wind-energy.” Over 40 interested people from the industry and students from the University Emden/Leer listened to […]