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New Year – New Contracts

The 2016 year started with a long term contract undertaking Engineering approval. The contract awarded is open ended and includes work to cover all manner of Heavy Project cargo transportation – SPMT’s, Road, Rail, Sea, Inland waterways. The work will involve all of MBM Consultancy engineering services, software, and skills.

OSV conversion for cable laying request

MBM submitted their proposal to assist in the design and conversion of an OSV for cable laying. There are two OSV’s to be converted with variance in methodology for cable operations, storage and discharge. One with a fixed carousel and the other with an advanced rotating discharge system. Each vessel will be used for cable […]

MBM is awarded feasibility contract

The feasibility project is a study to determine if a particular cargo can be loaded on a particular vessel and can overcome all environmental conditions and loading issues. This requires a detailed analysis of the vessel stability and motion, and the vessel structure. The result is to confirm a workable solution. In stage 2 this […]

New Contract

MBM gains a long term and formidable contract with ‘BBC Chartering & Logistics’ to provide Technical services for stability analysis, weight spreading, general naval architecture issues, and structural design.