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Vessels Conversions at MBM Consultancy.

Vessels Conversions at MBM Consultancy.   Image: bulkhead to bulkhead section, for full FEA structural strength analysis, some plates are removed for presentation purposes only.   The “Sand Carrier – Open Barge” conversion project. The client’s aims and aspirations – To convert the vessel from one service sector to another, by an innovative design of […]

MBM new vessel moves to Stage 2.

3 years in development of revolutionary Offshore vessel moves into next phase. The ongoing design of a revolutionary offshore vessel 3 years in the development. The main purpose for this vessel is to be able to perform in higher significant wave heights and out-perform existing vessels in many key areas that cause loss of productivity. Thus utilizing operations […]

Mark Bambury held a presentation about „Heavylift Transportation in Offshore Wind“ @ Mariko Center

On Tuesday, 25.11.2014, Mr Mark Bambury held a great Presentation at the Mariko Center in Leer. The topic for the Presentation was: “ How innovation in the shipbuilding sector can be adapted to the needs and operational requirements of the offshore-wind-energy.” Over 40 interested people from the industry and students from the University Emden/Leer listened to […]

A Multipurpose cargo vessel for global service was reviewed for new build at MBM

The review to extend a new build vessel was undertaken at MBM. The original vessel design was reviewed based on potential markets and operational conditions to provide an optimum working solution. The focus of the project was on operations. Defining the number of cranes, their frame location, the stability at these frames during lifting operations, […]

Transport tripiles on a small coaster and remove visibility issues using MBM’s innovative structures

The initial discussion is presented to MBM. Within hours MBM team have a working potential solution to remove all visibility issues for the transportation of the tripiles on the deck of the vessel. A steel structure will need to be designed, and operational plan for lifting and loading the tripiles will need to be presented. […]

Sea transport frame is optimised to double stack, and single lift for Dutch EPC

Transportation costs are always an issue, as well as defining an optimised solution that will work in many variable vessel configurations. Understanding the operations of loading, stowage and securing, as well as the vessel environmental factors to include the vessel steel structure, plays a large role in determining a workable and safe combined solution for […]