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Capabilities for the Maritime and Offshore sectors


With over 71% of the Earth’s surface covered by water and oceans holding over 96% of all the water on earth, the nature of maritime consulting tends to a truly international profession.

The maritime industry has always played an important role in economic success, with maritime consultants provide varied expertise to suggest safer cargo transport solutions, weather trade routes, shipping port layouts, technical support, and vessel upgrades.

These consultants play a vital role in the development of the maritime industry for projects undertaken at shipyards, ports, terminals and jetty’s.

In recent years there has been an increased focus to improve performance, energy efficiency and environmental standards.

Today’s maritime consultants must face the growing concerns to improve air and water quality, providing innovative, smart solutions for the future of the maritime sector.

MBM Consultancy is one of the world leading maritime consultants, specialising in design and engineering for vessel outfit, along with Heavy cargo transport engineering. Enabling MBM Consultancy to implement, devlop and train upcoming maritime teams.


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