Innovation for wind energy

Innovation to store more windmill blades:

Working in the wind energy sector it is not uncommon for vessels to transport windmill blades, stacked on the hatches:

What is uncommon, was the design and solution presented by MBM Consultancy.

This solution gave the ability to transport many windmill blades on one vessel, and then return with this vessel, and undertake this operation, time and again with no extra weight-spreading costs.
MBM Consultancy is a specialist in producing solutions for repetitive projects. This is one example of our expertise in creative and innovative solutions for the shipping industry and specifically for the wind energy sector.

Working with end client (Siemens), it was possible to design a system that improved the loading and discharge time. This was attributed to identifying all the manual and operational needs of the project. At MBM we encourage creative thinking to establish all operational needs, and generate an effective and workable end design.

The Aft stack was able to load 25 blades, (8 rows, 3 high) and the Fwd stack loaded 21 blades, (7 rows, 3 high), 2 single blades were also loaded.

The pre-design survey.

The loading survey.

This survey was undertaken by MBM to accurately position the structure as it was essential to the project in the following areas:

• structural strength from the hatch-covers.
• ability to open the hatch covers on a repetitive basis.
• alignment for/aft of the blade frames.
• alignments port/stbd of blades frames.

Project photos.



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