Optimize Design in early stages to save cost

The most effective way to guarantee that a project is optimised is to ensure that the engineering is conducted in the early stages. The last thing anyone wants is to turn up to a ship or project and there are problems, due to last minute engineering decisions. Understanding the importance of the early stages of engineering design will benefit any company and provide a lean working organisation. When MBM assist with the design and engineering, everything is systematically evaluated, analysed and the results are presented in a way, that allow all persons involved to have an understanding of the whole project.
MBM believe that early design engineering adds value to a project because it allows for:

  • Early evaluation irradiates the possibility of future problems due to bad organisation
  • Preliminary costs for materials and manufacture
  • More time can be spent on finding solutions using the CAD and FEA software a lean design solution is produced
  • More time can be spent designing a low-cost method, for manufacture, loading and transportation of cargoes

How can MBM achieve this?

Specialist engineers with the knowledge and experience are used to evaluate the problem using in house formulas and specialized software to produce fast and effective design solutions; that are presented in a professional manner so that all parties involved can understand the process used.
MBM was tasked with the loading of a 500t crane that was driven on deck, using the analysis tools a lean solution was found. This was down to having a sufficient time period to evaluate all options.
Updated: April 24, 2015 — 11:04 am

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