Port Development Study



Port Development Study

A port Development project can normally require a feasibility study on the upcoming potential of the local area.

The feasibility study looks into the potential of road or rail services that is currently available and could be developed to reach the port. It also examines the water way to the port. The water depth, bridges on the river and other issues that would hinder the various types of vessels that would be required to import or export the heavy cargo.

Also required to study is the local available equipment suppliers. The shore and floating cranes and tugs are also to be considered.

The future market of the heavy sector is obviously to be considered but this is the smallest concern.

The competitive market and which other ports will be competing for the same projects and what will make this new port more desirable for a client and who these are is a priority.

These are some of the area that MBM consultancy has provided in its most recent port development feasibility studies.

The results and knowledge gained for these studies is invaluable to our clients and this knowledge is currently available to be used as historical data for upcoming feasibility studies.

For the port developments surveys and layouts of the upcoming development, MBM have been quoted as ”an inspirational team with unique ideas, a leader in forecasting the future market.”