4 x 185 ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTG’s)

4 x 185 ton RTG’s:

The loading of some cargo’s require more strength analysis than just the final position as can be seen in the loading of the 4 x 185ton RTG’s (Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane) loaded in China.

Plan of cargo in final position on Hold 1.

The cargo was loaded onto the vessel hatches between the vessel cranes and the aim was to roll the cargo forward or aft to reach their final stowage positions.

The hatch covers were initial analysed with a rolling load. This was to determine the strength at each position during the movement as the cargo is driven along a sandwich of wood/steel plates for weight spreading.

Cargo rolling on hatch.

The second analysis, is the transfer of the cargo from Hold 2 to Hold 1 with a maximum distance between holds of 4.5m.

A simple “bridge” was confirmed adequate to transport the cargo from Hold 2 to Hold 1.

“bridge” between Hold2 to Hold 1.

The cargo was loaded, secured and safely transported to the client.

All 4 x 185ton RTG’s loaded on 12000Dwt MPV.

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