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MBM is based in Leer and the main office is at Hafenstrasse 6a Santos Haus. This town is in the district of Niedersachsen, the Northwestern part of Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated at the river Ems, 20km from the Netherlands border.

Leer had been a settlement long before it was first mentioned in written documents. Originally the city was situated at a meander near the mouth of the river Leda into the Ems, which is still the center of the town today. Even though Leer is some 30 km (19 mi) away from the coast, it can be reached by large ships via the Ems.


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Main Office Germany



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Main Office:                               +49 (0) 491 96046405

Accident / 24hr service:           +49 (0) 171 9799 886

Skype:                                          mbm-01


Office Address:

MBM Consultancy
Santos Haus,       Hafen-Strasse 6a,
26789,     Leer,    Germany


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