Docking Services:

When the ship-owner instructs MBM to undertake the dry-docking of their vessel we take the responsibility of this role with pride and care to ensure we provide a full and accurate service.

With the full responsibility within our hands, we ensure that all required information is up-to-date and accurate for undertaking the analysis. This data is gained from all parties – shipyards, classification, original ship-owner, manufacture yard etc.

The process of analysis implemented within MBM has been applied for many vessel types, and can be applied with or without cargo.

With your original vessel docking plan in hand we examine potential positions available for Centreline Keel blocks and Offset blocks. Your vessel will be carefully examined to gain the optimum solution to allow maximum hull cleaning, and not to hinder plugs, so any easy operation is achieved.

Within the analysis, considerable attention is taken regarding the forces during the initial contact between the keel and the first block, up-to and including the “knuckle load”.

Then, all forces on your vessel are carefully monitored on each dock block, through a “step by step” methodology of raising the vessel out of the water (or draining the water from the Dry-dock) when in a floating dock and de-ballasting the vessel.

During each phase of the operation, all forces, BM, SF acting upon your vessel are calculated and approved. This maintains the safety of your vessel.

We are very proud of this service, and encourage all ship-owner’s to discuss this service.



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