Naval Architecture Overview

Naval Architecture Overview.

The in-house expertise at MBM is able to offer a comprehensive range of Naval Architectural services. Areas catered for include:

New-build design.

• Hull Forms

• Unlimited number of NURB surfaces.
• Dynamic surface trimming.
• Developable surfaces.
• Conic surfaces.
• Hull shape transformation.
• Proportional model resizing.
• Surface/Surface intersections.
• Dynamic surface contouring.
• Shaded surface curvature display.
• Contour curvature display.
• Dynamic 3D rotation.
• Interactive control point movement.
• Bonding, grouping and masking.
• Multiple dynamic views.
• Edit graphically or numerically.
• Merge multiple models.
• Surface area and volume measurements.
• Interactive curve of areas.

• Stability Assessments (Damaged and Intact).
• Stability booklets.
• Specialist, Heavy Lift Loading.
• Vessel and Barge Modifications.
• Deck/Hatch/Linkspan strength analysis.
• Grounding Analysis.
• Weld strength analysis.

Structural Analysis.

Utilising in-house software and Engineers, we are able to perform a broad range of structural assessments. One of our reputable areas of expertise is within the Heavy lift & multi-purpose cargo vessels and barge analysis to undertake abnormal sea going conditions.
The loads may originate as either cargo reactions through grillages and bracing to global hull loads through buoyancy forces and slamming. Past projects have included a range of vessel structures from the hatches, coamings, deckheads, sideshells and double bottoms. All structural investigations can be verified by either Finite Element Analysis, from first principles or both.

Heavy Lift.

At MBM, we facilitate in the transportation of Heavy Lifts and Projects Cargo’s and respect this industry for all its complex needs as a business sector and the attention to detail it requires to ensure safety of the people working ashore and onboard. The areas we currently provide:

• Seafastening design and detailing.
• Grillage and load-spreading design.
• Ballasting calculations.
• Deck strength analysis.
• Global hull strength analysis.
• Stability analysis.
• Motion response analysis.
• Stowage plans.
• Feasibility studies.
• Project management.
• Lifting manuals /load out manuals.
• Weld strength analysis.

Marine Procedures.

MBM provide procedure reports combined with 3D animations of the loading scenario to ensure all involved parties are aware of procedures prior to undertaking the loading. This is undertaken to improve safety and minimise risks. The animation is extensively used during the design phase to identify potential “high” risk operations.
The animation provides a means to examine the real life scenario and simulate and identify an incident or accident as they may occur in reality or would be presented to personnel on the day of a load sequence for a Heavy Lift cargo. It can be used to illustrate where they should or should not be located, in order to be a watch for identified danger signs.
MBM prides itself on reducing risks by identifying the Marine procedures of Heavy lift cargo for clients. The following areas are covered:

• Load outs.
• Abnormal load movements.
• Heavy lift procedures.
• Risk assessments.



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