Services Overview

Services Overview.

MBM’s main services is to assists the Shipowner with Vessel compliance to meet new Rules and regulations from IMO and/or a Classification Society. This can occur when a vessel is required to either maintain the same or new service but with new machinery, equipment to be installed. Then the vessel may need to comply to new regulations imposed within the maritime industry. Additionally, this may also occur when a vessel is required to be modernised, upgraded, improved, or converted for a new operational service.

MBM applies a range of the services below to assist the solution and provide all necessary drawings, and booklets for Classification approval.

Offshore Industry.

• Structures, Finite element analysis, Fatigue analysis.
• Numerical motion analysis, Hydrostatics, Computational fluid dynamics.
• Fabrication, Welding, Materials.
• Corrosion analysis.
• Mooring, Towing, Sea-fastening, Load-outs, Lift-outs, Up-ending, Rigging.
• Heavy lift engineering and management.
• Surveying, Inspection, Testing.


• Cargo surveys. Pre loading, Loading and Discharge.
• Vessel surveys.

Stability & Motion Analysis.

• Stability booklets.
• Analysis in a damaged condition.
• Free surface conditions.
• Mooring analysis.
• Mooring, Towing, Sea-fastening, Load-outs, Lift-offs, Up-ending, Rigging.
• Sea going conditions.
• Significant wave conditioning.
• Generating GZ curves.
• Assessing a grounding condition.
• Gaining approval to sail with open hatch in various scenarios.
• Grain loading.
• Analysis with vessel in coupled motions.

(Stability & Motions)

Structural Analysis.

• FE Analysis – stress, strain, buckling.
• First principal calculations.
• Analysis with vessel in coupled motions.
• Vessel structural conversions, modifications, additions.

Graphical Services.

• 3D Modelling – Vessels, Cargo, Transport frames.
• Animations – Cargo loading, FEA.
• Manufacture engineering drawings.
• Vessel drawings – Reproduction, Linesplans, GA’s, scantling plans.


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