Continual Professional Development (CPD) is undertaken through various surveying courses and training with Classification societies. This is to maintain that all surveys undertaken by the Naval Architects and Surveyors are up-to-date with the current classification rules and regulations. For you upcoming vessel surveys, use the “Contact us” page today to make arrangements.

Dry Bulk Cargo Surveys:

• Empty Hold Fitness Surveys to Load a Certain Cargo.
• ON-HIRE surveys for a vessel going on-hire.
• OFF-HIRE surveys for a vessel coming off charter.

A General & container cargoes J1 Marine insurance claims – cargo
B Breakbulk & bulk cargoes J2 Marine insurance claims – hull
C Oil & chemicals J3 Marine insurance claims – machinery
D1 Commercial hull K1 FRP/GRP Vessels
D2 Machinery K2 Wooden Vessels
E1 P&I Club surveys – cargo K3 Steel Vessels
E2 P&I Club surveys – hull K4 Inland Waterways
E3 P&I Club surveys – machinery K5 MCA / Certifying Authority
F Containers L MCA / Certifying Authority
G Classification societies M Compass adjusting
H Salvage & towing N Superintendency
I Draught surveys P Hydrographic surveys


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