Vessel & Engineering Drawings

Vessel & Engineering Drawings.

The Graphics team at MBM are able to provide any output of file format for the generated drawing. The Graphics team have the skills to create drawings for new buildings at class approval standard, and can re-create lost drawings for existing vessels.

The team also provides a side service to adapt versions of drawings from a doc/pdf file formats to the more modern workable versions of dwg or create a 3D model for existing clients.

The main drawings commonly created and interpreted by the team are listed below. If you need any drawing services please use our “contact us” page to describe briefly your requirements and our Graphics team at MBM will contact you shortly.

Vessel Plans.

• General arrangements.
• Capacity plans.
• Scantling plans.
• Construction drawings.
• Lines plan.
• Mid-ship section.
• Classification drawings for Plan approva.
• Fire plan.
• Structural drawings.
• Engine room arrangement.
• 3d computer model.

Engineering Drawings.

• Computer Aided Drawings.
• Construction Drawings.
• Manufacture.
• C / Sections.
• Metric / Imperial.
• 1st and 3rd angle projection.
• Orthographic / Auxiliary / Isometric / Oblique / perspective projection.


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