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  • MBM ship design

Is it practical to undertake Bulbous Bow Modification at five year period Dry-Docking?

This is potentially only relevant to the forward thinking ship-owners and they have to consider this notion prior to the dry-docking period; so that you can optimize the design, manufacturing and shipping of the new bulbous bow design and utilize the Dry-Docking. Then with the consultant/designer the ship-owner can pre-plan ahead. The benefit of pre-planning […]

Raising Tweendecks

According to the cargo particulars especially its height, it can be encountered the requirement of raising tween decks to allow the transportation of cargo. In this kind of cases, a new structures need to be provided with overall functionality with operationally practicality and work-ability and can be analysed and determined to be a safe working […]

New Project Animations presented by MBM

Today we uploaded 2 new Project Animations. The first one is called “Engineroom structural review for 4,500 t DWT Cargo Vessel” and the second one is called “110,000 t DWT Oiltanker Modification / Upgrade”. If you have questions or suggestions please contact us.   Engineroom structural review for 4,500 t DWT Cargo Vessel   110,000 […]

A 5000t dwt and a 6000t dwt vessel operational details are forwarded to MBM

The initial operational details are provided to MBM. A general arrangement of the vessel will now be undertaken for each vessel based on the requirements from the shipowners. Each vessel requires different fuels systems, and thus a complete storyboard and service providers need to contacted to undertake each initial design review.

Transport tripiles on a small coaster and remove visibility issues using MBM’s innovative structures

The initial discussion is presented to MBM. Within hours MBM team have a working potential solution to remove all visibility issues for the transportation of the tripiles on the deck of the vessel. A steel structure will need to be designed, and operational plan for lifting and loading the tripiles will need to be presented. […]

Modify a 27000t dwt vessel upto 29600t dwt

Assessing the rules and regulations of certain vessels, and undertaking stability , damage stability, tank strength analysis, it is potentially possible to increase some vessels dwt capacity and thus increase their revenue potential or increase their Net Worth on todays Brokerage market. For information on this service you should contact MBM.