Category: FEA analysis

A 5000t dwt and a 6000t dwt vessel operational details are forwarded to MBM

The initial operational details are provided to MBM. A general arrangement of the vessel will now be undertaken for each vessel based on the requirements from the shipowners. Each vessel requires different fuels systems, and thus a complete storyboard and service providers need to contacted to undertake each initial design review.

Transport tripiles on a small coaster and remove visibility issues using MBM’s innovative structures

The initial discussion is presented to MBM. Within hours MBM team have a working potential solution to remove all visibility issues for the transportation of the tripiles on the deck of the vessel. A steel structure will need to be designed, and operational plan for lifting and loading the tripiles will need to be presented. […]

Sea transport frame is optimised to double stack, and single lift for Dutch EPC

Transportation costs are always an issue, as well as defining an optimised solution that will work in many variable vessel configurations. Understanding the operations of loading, stowage and securing, as well as the vessel environmental factors to include the vessel steel structure, plays a large role in determining a workable and safe combined solution for […]

Conversion detail design assistance of a coaster vessel to provide gas containers for long term offshore contract

The addition of Gas tanks on a coaster vessel proves to be effective for the operations regarding offshore contracts. The main topics discussed considered from an engineer’s point of view with the conversion are, maintaining access to all equipment, quick release change design, removal of deck deflection which may cause stress-fractures at the pipe connection, […]

Innovative designs to reduce free surface effects in bulk cargo transportation

When MBM was approached to conceive a solution to transport 1,000,000 tons of sludge water, it first seamed simplistic analysis of a free surface within a hold. However, as the project gained momentum, the detail design to solve all issues of settling during transport, loading and discharge were considered, it quickly became apparent that a […]

Shipment of Transition pieces begins with the optomised steel structural solution

A photograph of a Transitional Piece that has been loaded

The transition of TP’s on the deck of a vessel always causes controversy. Which steel structural option to implement! There are two main focus’s, either Option 1 . A tailor made design. High initial investment, long term cost reductions, no vessel flexibility, repeat use for many multiple projects with the same cargo and vessel Option […]