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Raising Tweendecks

According to the cargo particulars especially its height, it can be encountered the requirement of raising tween decks to allow the transportation of cargo. In this kind of cases, a new structures need to be provided with overall functionality with operationally practicality and work-ability and can be analysed and determined to be a safe working […]

Mark Bambury held a presentation about „Heavylift Transportation in Offshore Wind“ @ Mariko Center

On Tuesday, 25.11.2014, Mr Mark Bambury held a great Presentation at the Mariko Center in Leer. The topic for the Presentation was: “ How innovation in the shipbuilding sector can be adapted to the needs and operational requirements of the offshore-wind-energy.” Over 40 interested people from the industry and students from the University Emden/Leer listened to […]

New Project Animations presented by MBM

Today we uploaded 2 new Project Animations. The first one is called “Engineroom structural review for 4,500 t DWT Cargo Vessel” and the second one is called “110,000 t DWT Oiltanker Modification / Upgrade”. If you have questions or suggestions please contact us.   Engineroom structural review for 4,500 t DWT Cargo Vessel   110,000 […]

Bulk carrier at Hamburg has issue with draft

In 2013 a vessel moving berth suddenly felt a large shudder, and all people realized she had run aground at the stern. The impact of the impact was immediately recognized, as the steering gear was not able to be implemented.  The severity of the rudder damage and horn was only noticeable upon drydocking. Careful discussions, […]

Accommodation block of 1500tons

The engineering for such a large unit requires careful consideration. MBM acquired weather data for the voyage route to undertake a motions analysis to gain all accelerations to engineer a workable solution. This was then presented by the client to the classification society BV and was approved.

Offshore parts are loaded

MBM assist the EPC with their first ever loading of a sea transportation aboard a vessel. The client is familiar with the rules and procedures with barge transportation, but has never transported on a vessel. The rules and process’s for a sea cargo transport to weld, engineer, and secure a cargo on a vessel are […]